Campaign Song For Judicial Accountability

By Thomas Easaw






Campaign Song

For Judicial Accountability




What man needs is justice and nothing else

This is what can set the whole world free

Capitalism, communism, communalism

Can never set him free


Justice for only the rich is capitalism

Justice for only the poor is communism

Justice for everybody, irrespective of money

Colour, caste, creed or brains is Justice Theory


Justice, as I define it, is my freedom, rights and

Responsibilities peacefully co-existing with yours

It is justice and not freedom that should have been a man's birthright

For my freedom ends where your freedom begins


Accountability for judges

Accountability for lawyers

Accountability for every officer


The 'action taken in good faith' clause if abolished from the law books

Will set this world, will set this whole world free.



 ©Thomas Easaw



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