I Am Sorry Sri Lanka

By Thomas Easaw







I Am Sorry Sri Lanka



At last Obama has spoken

On the hue and cry in Sri Lanka,

Fighting goes on, thousands are dead

Many more in line to die

In the din of recession

The world never noticed amiss.

Innocent lives, children, women

Helpless, dazed, adrift


Well, the matter is too complicated

Iím not sure whom to sing for

My own country most pained by it

Has taken a mute neutral stand

I know we have our reasons

But are they reasons enough

To sit quietly and watch

Innocent people die


Beyond the Youtube, I have no reach

Oh, world can you hear me at all

I feel like a fool, having kept this cool

Cruel silence of all

This cool cruel silence of all

This cruelest silence of all


I am sorry

Sri Lanka!


 ©Thomas Easaw



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