The Beggar

By Thomas Easaw





Written against the tendencies of suicide, this song does not proclaim the indomitable spirit of the warrior, but of the humble beggar. He teaches you what fifteen years of education cannot teach you.

The Beggar

If you see him

You'll feel sorry for him

But if you say so

He'll turn his head away

To the passersby

He keeps begging all day

He wouldn't give up

Come what may.


Not able to walk

Right from his birth

He's been living alone

All of his days

He very well knows

It's a hand to mouth game

He wouldn't give up

He's been fighting all way.


There's nothing

That he could achieve today

No one to love him

No one to care

Still hasn't thought

of dying till date

He wouldn't give up

Come what may.

 ©Thomas Easaw



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