Don't Start the Last World War

The Greatest Antiwar / Peace & Justice Song

By Thomas Easaw









I am Thomas Easaw.

I come from the land of Mahatma Gandhi, where English is not my first language. And so my expressions may not be as powerful as my feelings are. This is only an attempt.

Friends and enemies,

For the United States, the dollar and oil may be the most important things on earth. But for those who believe that honor is greater than the dollar, they are left with no other option, but to fight and die - because they cannot win.

Let us not kill them and let them not kill us.

If it was Afghanistan the day before, Iraq yesterday and Libya today - it could be me tomorrow, and you the day after. When such intimidation to our dignity is in the air, it is expected of all of us to stand up to defend our lives and our pride. But for those of you, who have been brought up in the way of love and non-violence, who prefer not to fight or kill, at least join me in my song, "The Request"


The Request


If you believe in what you think you believe in

Think for a little while

You're not the only one on planet earth

Don't think you’re always right.

Every little man has his own little right

To live in his own little land

Every little man who fights to defend that

Is admired, be he wrong or right.

You simply cannot strip a whole nation

Stark naked of its pride

America, America

Don't start the Last World War.


When it happens in Pakistan,

You simply seem to shut your eyes,

When rights are violated in China,

You have them on your favored list.

Unless politically/commercially hit,

You seem to keep pretty still,

Somehow you seem to nurture the notion that

The world spins on your goodwill.

You simply cannot strip a whole nation

Stark naked of its pride

America, America

 ©Thomas Easaw



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