Obama Is What You Should

By Thomas Easaw





Part of the "5 for Obama" album, written before President Obama's  election, for an opportunity in return, to talk to him about the Justice Theory and the ten amendments.


Obama Is What You Should



Yes my heart and my good guitar

Will sing this song for him

He’s no God, he’s only man

That’s why I sing for him

‘Cause he is just the man who can

Change the way change means

Change the way it means today

And the way it will


It is now time for America

To think what you need

Is it only some cash in change

Or some real change indeed

You have led the world so far

Less last few years indeed

And if you want to keep the pace

Obama is what you need 


The world looks on most fervently

Clasping their hands

In hands they think are trust worthy

Black or white, they don’t mind

So America, when you take your pen

To vote the man you need

To lead your world

Just think about the whole world indeed


Could my guitar sing in a deeper voice

Than the deepest voice I could

Together we would drive this truth

Obama is what you should








 ©Thomas Easaw



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