The Vote For Obama Song

By Thomas Easaw





Part of the "5 for Obama" album, written before President Obama's  election, for an opportunity in return, to talk to him about the Justice Theory and the ten amendments.



The Vote For Obama Song


Vote for Obama


If what you want is

Change you can believe in

You got to change the things

You now are believing in

For once

Take a chance

And believe

In this man

Called Barack Obama


When he says that

Special interest lobby is out

I think he means that

Justice truly is in

And peace and love

And freedom

And change that you can

Really rely on


True to the great

American belief

That all men are equal

Before and behind the law

He has promised

He won’t

Look down upon

Other world nations 


So if what you want is

Peace and freedom for mankind

Cleaner environment

Health insurance & jobs 

There’s only one

Thing to do

And only an

American can do it


Vote for Obama








 ©Thomas Easaw



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